Health Care Is Not A Right

By: Jim Allard

Many argue the practical matters of healthcare—its rising costs, quality and availability, safety, doctor-patient relationships, etc.—but rarely do we hear about the moral premises underlying our healthcare system. According to Objectivism this is a deadly error.

Objectivism holds that the moral is the practical. (And conversely, the immoral is the impractical.) To the extent that healthcare is based on wrong moral ideals it has to fail in practice, regardless of any particular program or policy. And to the extent that it’s based on true moral ideas it will succeed.

This is the message of the following lecture by Leonard Peikoff given at a Town Hall Meeting in Costa Mesa, CA. Government run (i.e., socialized) healthcare, he says, is “vicious in theory and therefore a disaster in practice.”

Health Care Is Not A Right


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