Healthcare & The Age Of Unreason

By: Jim Allard

The push for government run health care (and statism in general) is rooted in the abandonment of reason. Political thought requires a clear grasp of complex concepts, yet university professors and intellectuals preach that concepts are subjective products of culture, that there are no truths—only “narratives” told from differing perspectives – and that language has no objective meaning and thus should be “deconstructed” rather than understood.

We can see this rejection of reason clearly in the health care debate. Proponents of socialized medicine do not seek clarity or impassioned argument but spend their time obfuscating their views by inverting valid concepts.

A new tax on business is called a “contribution,” and advancing the status quo of government controlled health care is called “reform.” When government takes control over the products and prices of insurances companies and extracts funds from its customers by force, it’s called a public-private “partnership” designed to increase “competition.” The bureaucrat in charge of extracting “insurance” money from citizens and dictating what types of coverage will be available—thereby destroying their ability to choose—is called a “Health Choices Commissioner.”

When citizens challenge these views and demand clarity they are smeared as just an “angry mob,” or racists or a “manufactured” rebellion. Obama dismisses the opposition as a group political hacks trying to “exploit differences” and defeat “what they know” to be the best solution. He uses intimidation rather than arguments.

But the opposition does have poignant questions and reasoned arguments. Here are some links that I found interesting and informative. See, particularly, “20 Questions for Your Congressman” and “Why Are We Moving Toward Socialized Medicine?”

Dr. Orwell; paging Dr. Orwell

20 Questions for Your Congressman

Why Are We Moving Toward Socialized Medicine?

Still Not An Option (Outlawing of private insurance.)

Dems’ Plan Will Eliminate Health Insurance


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