Altruism & Entitlements

By: Jim Allard

Behind every new entitlement program and every statist system is the morality of altruism. This is the moral code that calls for placing the needs and desires of others above one’s own life and happiness. It is the code that demands sacrifice of the able to the disabled, the wealthy to the poor, the insured to the uninsured, the healthy to the sick, the productive to the unproductive. Altruism demands that if someone—anyone—has a need, those of ability have an obligation to fulfill it.

This is the moral code that Ayn Rand challenges. According to Objectivism, each individual is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others. Living rationally by one’s own effort, for one’s own life is the highest moral virtue. Sacrifice, whether of the self to others or of others to oneself is anti-life and therefore an unqualified evil.

The following article by Rob Tracinski examines the meaning of the altruist morality and the Objectivist alternative.

“Brother, You Ain’t My Keeper”


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