2 Remarkable Articles

The following are two of the most insightfully integrated and brilliantly written essays I’ve encountered by persons other than Rand, Piekoff, and Binswanger. Both were published in Counterpoint, a journal described as “The University of Chicago’s Conservative Quarterly.” The fact that two Objectivist authors (I think it is safe to assume the accuracy of this label, although neither author explicitly identified himself as such) have been published by a “Conservative” journal is a wonderful indication of the philosophy’s growing influence!

The following article by Etan Heller, entitled “The Party of (No) Principle” discusses “The Libertarian Party’s disintegrated and misintegrated philosophy of liberty.”

The following article by George Saad, entitled “Taking Music Seriously,” discusses the culture’s nihilistic obsession with irony (in the article, exemplified by Lady Gaga) versus sincerity (in the article, exemplified by Natalie Merchant) through an analysis of its aesthetic preferences.

The above pieces are not quick and easy reads, but they bring unparalleled, admirable clarity of thinking to two complex and controversial issues. I highly recommend reading them, and guarantee that you will learn a great deal by analyzing their content and form.

Happy reading!


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