News Update: Geert Wilders

Dutch statesman Geert Wilders was always innocent; today he was acquitted. As described by the defendant, the prosecution would have him serve up to 16 months in prison “for saying that islam is a dangerous totalitarian ideology rather than a religion,” and advocating policies that treat it as such. He is also notorious for asserting the supremacy of Western values—e.g. individual rights and freedom from force—over Islamic values—e.g. submission and violent conquest.

Thankfully, and unexpectedly, the courts recognized that freedom does not require the sanction of those who find its exercise “offensive.” If only they’d recognize that evil, as a parasite on the good, does require their sanction—and withdraw it, for example by de-criminalizing the charges against Wilders. He’d have been well within a free man’s rights even if he’d committed the following “crimes.”

  1. Intentionally offending Muslims
  2. Inciting hatred against Muslims
  3. Inciting discrimination against Muslims
  4. Inciting hatred of non-western immigrants
So long as a man calls on others to adhere to a particular view, for example of Islamists, and does not issue a call to violent action against them, he is engaged in speech, not the administration of threats. Those who would forcibly silence him are in violation of his rights, not the reverse.

Read a speech from Geert Wilders, in which he provides sobering anecdotes of Europe’s Islamization, defends free speech and condemns multiculturalism.

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