Capitalism: The Only Moral Social System

Talk to be delivered by Craig Biddle on Monday, February 22nd, 2010 at UW-Madison from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Grainger Hall: Morgridge Auditorium (Room 1100)

As Right and Left debate America’s future, they share one disastrous idea: that sacrificing to a prescribed “common good,” not pursuing one’s rational self-interest, is the moral ideal. Join Craig Biddle for a talk that challenges this view.

Although capitalism is widely recognized as the most practical social system for leading to the greatest wealth and prosperity, it is also regarded as immoral for “unleashing” selfishness. But should the only social system that leaves men free to pursue their lives by acting on their judgment, owning the property they earn and using the product of their effort to achieve their values be condemned, or praised?

In his lecture, “Capitalism: The Only Moral Social System,” Craig Biddle, author of Loving Life and editor of The Objective Standard journal, will demonstrate why acting in one’s self-interest is the essence of morality and why capitalism, which leaves men free to live by reason, is the Only moral social system ever devised.

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One Response to “Capitalism: The Only Moral Social System”
  1. Max says:

    Congratulations on organizing a great lecture! It is no simple task to coordinate everything and advertise well enough to draw a sizable audience.

    For those that don’t like the email advertisement, remember that other student organizations (who happen to hold ideas that I find objectionable) have used the same facility to advertise. Did you complain about them?

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