Ayn Rand Lexicon

For a searchable compendium of philosophic definitions and quotes, organized topically.

Ayn Rand Novels

For literary and philosophic insights into Ayn Rand’s fiction, and information and academic opportunities for students.

Ayn Rand Institute

For information on Ayn Rand, her novels, philosophy, the Institute and its programs.

Ayn Rand Center

For commentaries on culture and applications of Objectivism to current events; includes the blog Voices of Reason and streaming video via

Ayn Rand Bookstore

For the complete catalog of Objectivist literature, lectures, audio, video and more.

Leonard Peikoff

For a weekly Q&A podcast hosted by Ayn Rand’s foremost student, associate and intellectual heir.

Harry Binswanger List

For an e-mail discussion group moderated by one of Ayn Rand’s foremost students and associates. Fees are involved.

The Objective Standard

For a quarterly journal evaluating culture, economics, politics and history from an Objectivist perspective. Fees are involved.

The Undercurrent

For an Objectivist publication written by and for college students; hard copies are offered in bulk for campus distribution. Fees are involved for paper editions.

Capitalism Magazine

For an online magazine promoting laissez-faire capitalism, including op-eds on political and economic issues; includes non-Objectivist authors.


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